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Reports on Language

The Daily Grunt Part 2 A survey of bad language in films shown from July to December 2003

The Daily Grunt A survey of bad language in films shown from January to June 2003

Swearing on TV Historical and regulatory perspectives

Reports on Violence

Promoting a Culture of Violence 3 A survey of films shown on terrestrial TV channels in 2003

Promoting a Culture of Violence 2 A survey of films shown on terrestrial TV channels in 2002

Promoting a Culture of Violence A survey of films shown on terrestrial TV channels in 2001

Yob Culture on TV A survey of films shown on terrestrial TV channels in 2000

More Cruelty and Violence 4 A survey of films shown on terrestrial TV channels in 1997

Reports on Pornography

Sex in the Media By Dr P J Nelson

Pornography: the harm Latest research report

Time to strengthen the law against pornography  Offered to the Daily Mail 17/12/2001

Youth and pornography in Australia  A Report from The Australia Institute

Norway restricts TV pornography  A Report from Family and Media

Some myths about Denmark From Whatever Happened To Sex? by Mary Whitehouse

Responses to Consultations

New Classification Guidelines BBFC news release and revisions 2005

The Broadcasting Code OFCOM consultation - closed 5/10/2004

Being Media Literate OFCOM consultation - closed 10/8/2004

Ofcom’s Annual Plan 2004 - 2005 OFCOM consultation

Intervention in media mergers DTI consultation

Public Service Broadcasting OFCOM consultation

Regulating TV and Radio Advertising OFCOM consultation

Handling of Complaints OFCOM consultation

Public Service Broadcasting ITC discussion paper

Parliamentary Lobby Message Published in 'The House Magazine' 30/9/2002

Party Political Broadcasting Review Electoral Commission Consultation

Communications Act Briefing on Clause 319

Communications Bill A submission to Joint Select Committee

Reviewing the BBC’s Royal Charter DCMS Charter Review Consultation

Review of BBC News 24 DCMS Consultation

BBC's new Digital Services BBC's plans for new TV and Radio channels

New BBC Digital Services DCMS Consultation

Funding the BBC DCMS on additional funding for BBC digital services

Towards a Viewers' Charter Heritage Dept on renewal of the BBC's Royal Charter in 1996

Media Ownership Rules DCMS Consultation

A fair Deal for Stakeholders Briefing to MPs on the draft Communications Bill

Regulation - The Key Issue DCMS/DTI document 'Regulating Communications: Approaching Convergence in the Information Age'.

Empowering the Viewer DCMS/DTI on Content Regulation

Empowering the Viewer 2 Government White Paper on the Future of Communications Regulation

Innocence vs Corruption Home Office on control of 'R18' videos

Broadcasting Standards Commission Comments on revisions to the Code of Guidance 2003

Broadcasting Standards Commission Comments on the draft Code of Guidance

Revising the ITC Advertising Code Proposals to revise and relax certain prohibitions

Revising the ITC Programme Code Proposals to 'streamline' the Code

Converging Technology EC Green Paper on technological convergence

A Chip Too Far Includes comment on the "V-Chip", the "Watershed" and Classification

Religious Offences Select Committee

Feature Articles

The wrong message Evangelicals Now article September 2004

    Higher standards expected from the BBC Church of England Newspaper 1/7/2004

    Pop Culture goes mad The Western Mail 15/4/2004

    Releasing the Secular Stranglehold ‘New Voice’ Vol 1 issue 2

Is nothing sacred Catholic Herald 9/8/2002

Blatant blasphemy Catholic Herald 8/3/2002

Making our voices heard Christian Herald 5/1/2002

How we make real a brutal make believe Catholic Herald 9/3/2001

Beware TV's 'Red Light District' Catholic Times 13/5/2001

Paying to be 'Peeping Toms' Catholic Herald 20/7/2001

'Corrupting Public Morals' Catholic Herald 27/8/1999

'Time to Face Responsibility' by Mary Whitehouse CBE published in 1996  

'A dreadful price to pay' by Mary Whitehouse CBE Convention address1994  

'Nothing to do with prudery' by Mary Whitehouse CBE Convention address1993  

Other Useful Material

Monitoring TV and Radio - Helpful Hints

Includes extracts from the BBC's Producers Guidelines, the ITC Programme Code, the BSC Code of Guidance, the Radio Authority Code.

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