Norway restricts TV pornography


The EFTA Surveillance Authority in Brüssels has confirmed Norway’s decision to ban the transmission of pornography on cable networks.  The TV channels Canal+ and TV1000 have aired pornography from Sweden, but pornography is illegal according to Norway’s General Civil Legal Code.  The country therefore has the right to restrict re-transmission of such programs.  The Christian association Family & Media has argued the case in Norway and Brüssels and regards the outcome as a victory for the family.  General Secretary of Family & Media, Dr Geir Magnus Nyborg, holds that pornography and gratuitous violence are in conflict with the Television Without Frontiers Directive, and should be banned in all EU member states.  We see a growing conflict between the freedom of expression and the freedom of the family and we must secure the home as a place where parents are free to raise their children in a sound environment.


This is the ESA Press release:


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