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NEWS RELEASE 13 February 2001

Kingston Crown Court: Wonderland Child Pornography Club

John Beyer, director of the National Viewer's and listeners' Association (now called mediawatch-uk),  which played a key role in securing the Protection of Children Act in the 1970s, said today that he very much welcomed the successful police against child pornography on the Internet.

He said, "This would send the right signals to others around the world involved in similar activities". He went on: "If the battle against child pornography on the Internet is to be won it is not enough to prosecute only those who trade in such imagery.  The Internet Service Providers, who host the websites and enable access to them, should not escape the reach of the law - nor should the telecommunications companies.  If the Chairman of BT, for example, were to face prosecution and imprisonment the trade would soon be stopped!"

"This case provides more evidence that filtering software and website rating schemes are only useful in limited circumstances and do nothing to stop those who wish to misuse the information super highway".


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